The Digital Engineer

Over 15 years in Digital/Systems Engineering

  • Ph.D. in Space Systems Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology
  • Modeling & Simulation automation/integration for Multi-Disciplinary Analysis & Optimization (MDAO)
  • Implementing Digital Threads between MDAO and MBSE

Supported all corners of the Aerospace Industry

  • Government: DoD | Air Force | Navy | Army | NASA
  • Contractors: Northrop Gumman | Lockheed Martin | Boeing | SAIC
  • National Labs: Jet Propulsion Laboratory | Applied Physics Laboratory | Sandia National Laboratories

The OSHW Advocate

  • Lead developer for two OSHW projects certified in the initial certification pool: US000006 - Shepard Test Stand | US000058 - Holoseat
  • Presenter at the 2012, 2013, and 2015 OSHW Summits covering topics including open source spaceflight hardware, export controls, and open source engineering analysis
  • Chief architect and project manager for Open Design Engine, one of the first all inclusive applications for hosting OSHW projects on the internet
  • Chief architect for the Distributed OSHW Framework, a tool independent methodology for developing and sharing OSHW

The Theatre Professional

  • BFA in Theatre Lighting Design/Technology from Florida State University
  • Board member Brave Spirits (2018-2022)
  • Studied lighting design under Pat Simmons, USA
  • Lighting design credits include Guys and Dolls, My Fair Lady, Three Days of Rain, Antony and Cleopatra, and the Surprise! burlesque show in Santa Fe and Peñasco, NM

The Geek

  • Key fandoms: Star Wars | Star Trek | Transformers | Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Panelist for Star Wars, Star Trek, and Marvel Cinematic Universe content at Nerd Talk with Jake & John
  • Own and operate two 3D printers: CR-10S Pro | PrintrBot Simple Metal
  • Cosplay Star Trek (2070s uniforms) and Renaissance Fair garb
  • Former life-time member of TechShop DC